How To Create HubSpot Deals automatically From Formpay Checkouts ?

If you want to create a HubSpot deal automatically whenever a checkout takes place through Formpay payment forms, you can create it by following these steps.

For this, you should know how to create a payment form with Formpay. Go to this article to learn how to do it.

  • Go to your HubSpot account and navigate to Workflows.


  • Click on Create Workflow and select From Scratch

    create workflow from scratch
  • Select Contact-based and click on Next.

    contact based
  • Click on Set up triggers to add the enrollment trigger.

    setup trigger

  • Select Contact properties and search for the Last Payment Status property and select Success in any of the options.

    enrollment trigerrs
  • Click on Apply Filter and then save the changes.

  • Now click on the + button to add the activity to create a new deal automatically.
    –  Select Deal in Type of record to create.
    – Select token(property) as per your needs in the Deal name section. For example, we’ve selected First Name and Last Form Name here.
    – Choose Deal pipeline and stage according to your requirements. For example, we’ve selected the Lead Won stage in the MWB Sales Pipeline.
    – Click Save to save the changes.

  • You can review and publish this workflow and it will automatically create a deal whenever a checkout takes place with a HubSpot payment form you created with Formpay.

    Formpay deal workflow (1)

  • You can add further actions in this workflow like email marketing to send automatic emails to the users if they make a successful payment.

    If your requirements are different and you can’t figure out how to create this workflow, you can connect with us and our HubSpot experts will help you with it.


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