Can I Connect Multiple HubSpot accounts with Formpay?

Yes, you can. If you use different HubSpot accounts for payment-related activities, you can connect them with Formpay.

Here are the steps to do it:

  • Login or Sign up in our Formpay app.

    formpay login
  • You’ll land on a page with an option to Add New Portal.

    Portal Listing _ FormPay
  • Now whether you’ve connected a portal already or not, you can click the Add New Portal button to connect HubSpot accounts.

  • Once you click the button, you’ll see the list of HubSpot portals associated with your email.

    HubSpot OAuth
  • Select the one you want to connect to and click the Choose Account button.
  • Click on the Connect App button.

    HubSpot OAuth (1)
  • Now the connected portal will display on the app.

    Connect Portal
  • You can repeat the same process to connect more portals.

    Note: You can connect multiple HubSpot portals to the Formpay app but only one portal will be active at a time. You can switch between the portals using the option provided at the top left.


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