Create discount codes for the payment forms?

You can create discount codes to offer flat or percentage discounts on the products you’re selling with your payment forms.

Here are the steps to create them:

    • Login to the FormPay app and go to Coupons.
    • Click Create Coupon button over there.

      formpay coupon
    • You’ll land on this type of interface where you need to enter a few details about the coupon code.

      create coupon
  • Enter all the details asked and once done, click Submit.

You’ve successfully created a coupon code in the app.

Here’s how you can add it to your HubSpot payment form.

    • Create a new form or edit an existing one.
    • Inside the form creation setting, you’ll see an Allow Coupons toggle.
coupon form
  • If you enable this toggle, users will be able to apply these coupon codes to claim their discount.

Note: Coupon codes only work if you add products to your HubSpot form. So before you enable allow discount toggle, make sure you’ve added the products in your form.


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