How to create a donation form in FormPay?

Follow the below mentioned steps to create a Donation Form.

  • Navigate to Forms from the sidebar of FormPay.
  • Click Create a Form.
  • Choose the HubSpot form that you want to convert into a payment form.
Donation Form
  • Now, switch on the Donation Form Settings toggle and fill the details.
  • Now, fill the required fields –
transaction cost
  • Transaction Settings.
Redirection setting
  • Redirection or Thank You Page settings.
Donation payment
  • Payment Settings.
  • In the Gateway tab select Stripe (subscription settings are only available on Stripe gateway).

Note: Subscription settings work only when you enable the donation toggle.

  • After this, go to Payments tab. There, you can find the subscription settings.
  • Enable the subscription settings toggle.
Form payment
  • Once you do that, all the Stripe Settings with payment options become visible to you.
  • Finally, publish the payment form and use this recurring payment form on your subscription webpages or share it as a URL to receive recurring payments.

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