How to enable all workflows in this integration?

Even in the trial period, you get all the functionalities including workflows. You get workflows ready-to-create in HubSpot for converting MQL to the Customer lifecycle stage and for first customers, 2nd order, 3rd order, and ROI calculation.

The rest of the workflows unlock automatically. Once you get an abandoned cart in your BigCommerce store, the respective workflow will activate itself. Similarly, upon receiving your orders in your BigCommerce store, After-order workflows and Order Recency workflows will unlock.

For this,

  1. Go to the plugin in your BigCommerce dashboard.
  2. After this, navigate to Apps > HubSpot Integration by MakeWebBetter > Dashboard.
  3. Then, go to HubSpot from the main menu and choose Import/Export from the drop-down.

hubspot bigcommerce workflow

       4. All the workflows are listed here.
       5.Then, simply click Create right next to the respective workflow and the workflow will be created in your linked          HubSpot account.


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