Can I export old/previous users from BigCommerce to HubSpot after setting up the plugin?

You can also sync your old BigCommerce users to HubSpot CRM after setting up the plugin

  1. Go to the plugin in your BigCommerce dashboard.
  2. After this, navigate to Apps > HubSpot Integration by MakeWebBetter > Dashboard.
  3. Then, go to HubSpot from the main menu and choose Import/Export from the drop-down.

    hubspot bigcommerce integration import data
  4. Then choose the data time that you want to import i.e. Products, Orders, & Customers.
  5. Set the time period in the Select Date Range tab.
  6. Finally, click the Import Data Now button and the unsynced contacts that were created during that period would be queued for syncing.

    Tip: If you have huge numbers of contacts and require faster synchronization, connect with us for the same.


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