How To Work With HubSpot CMS Reusable Sections?

HubSpot themes are also great to work for creating your web pages. There are sections and reusable sections in the HubSpot CMS page creator. 

HubSpot CMS reusable sections are a collection of many rows or columns that fills the entire width of the page. You can style a full section or change where it appears on a page.

HubSpot CMS reusable sections on the other hand vary from theme to theme. They are a good option to save your time in creating some definite components on your website pages.  

To work with reusable sections all you need to do is 

            • Hover over any of the modules > locate and press the plus icon > window opens on the right side of the screen.
            • Select from the list of reusable sections > Make desirable changes > publish changes.


          Some examples of reusable sections are: Connect with Us, Contact Us, Get Started, Services, Subscribe Now, Donation form, Two-column with content and video, Two-column with video and content, etc. 

          There are 


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