How To Install HubSpot CMS Theme or Change It?

There are both, premium and free HubSpot themes available in the HubSpot marketplace. We have a list of free HubSpot themes you can directly download from your HubSpot CMS account portal. Read more about HubSpot Themes Guide

Install HubSpot Theme  

  • Log in to your HubSpot portal. Navigate to the marketplace icon > Select Asset Marketplace. Here you can find HubSpot CMS themes, modules, and templates for your website. 
  • Install/Buy the theme. You get two options, to set it as your active theme and start building your site and to set it as your active theme and edit theme settings. Choose either and start editing theme settings.  


Change Theme or Upload HubSpot CMS Themes

Changing or uploading HubSpot CMS themes is pretty simple. If you want to change your current theme, 

  • Start by creating a website page. Go to Marketing > Website > Website Pages
  • Click on Create option to create a page > Name it
  • On the choose template page, select themes dropdown > select Change theme 
  • All downloaded themes will be listed down. You can select either of them or upload a HubSpot theme from the Envato Marketplace.
  • Click Install a theme from ThemeForest on the right top corner. 
  • Insert the code and click install theme.


  • To complete the installation procedure, sign in to the ThemeForest Marketplace on Envato in the new tab.
  • When you successfully log in, HubSpot will display a banner. Your HubSpot CMS theme might not be accessible right away.

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