How to Sync your Historical Orders as Deals to HubSpot ?

Steps to Sync Historical Orders as Deals in HubSpot:

      1.First, install WooCommerce Integration on your WooCommerce store. 

      2.WooCommerce Integration will appear in your installed plugins.

hubspot sync data

        3.Go to WooCommerce > HubSpot from the drop down list.

hubspot data sync 2

        4.Choose the Deals tab.

Deals tab.

         5.Sync Historical Orders as Deals option will appear, from here click on View. Now, you can select order status, the time period to Sync Historical Orders as Deals.

Deals option

      6.Select the order status from the dropdown list to be synced as deals.

      7.Select the date range from when you want to sync the orders and up to when. If you have some unsynced orders for the selected date range, it will be displayed there.

unsynced orders

In this way you can sync your Historical Orders as Deals to HubSpot through the HubSpot WooCommerce Integration. Also, you can automatically sync real-time WooCommerce users and products to HubSpot.

How to automate Deal creation on HubSpot

Steps to automate deal creation on HubSpot

            1.Go to your WordPress dashboard

            2.Navigate to WooCommerce > HubSpot from the left panel

           3.The dashboard of our HubSpot WooCommerce integration will appear

           4.Click on the Deals tab from the above

Deals tab

        5.Click on the View button in front of “Create Deals for New Orders”

Create Deals for New Orders

        6.There, enable the checkbox that says Allow to sync new deals

Allow to sync new deals

      7.Set the number of days in which the pending/new deals can be closed

      8.Then add the deal stages that are won according to your business needs.

That’s all, as soon as you receive an order on your WooCommerce store, it will be created as a deal on your HubSpot CRM.

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