Can I change cron time for data syncing? If yes, how?

Yes, you can change the cron time for data syncing. The cron is a mechanism that is responsible for syncing your Magento store data to HubSpot CRM. This cron runs in the background at fixed intervals that you can specify.

For instance, if you select the cron time for 1 hour, it’ll run once in an hour in the background and sync the newly received data in that hour to HubSpot CRM.

To change cron time for data syncing:

> Go to your Magento dashboard and navigate to HubSpot > Configuration.
> Under the Cron configuration section, you’ll see Select Data Sync Cron Time setting.

kb conf

> Click on the dropdown in front of it and you’ll see 5 different options there:

Once a day
Twice a day
Four times a day
Every hour
Every 5 minutes

Select either of the options as per your convenience and click on Save Config button to save the changes.

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