How to troubleshoot your HubSpot for WooCommerce syncing issues?

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Tools > Scheduled Actions. Click on the Pending option on the top and check if these hooks are being displayed there:

1. Hubwoo_cron_schedule
2. Hubwoo_deals_sync_check
3. hubwoo_products_sync_check

However, sometimes the Scheduled Actions section doesn’t display under Tools. Here, navigate to WooCommerce > Status and you may see the Scheduled Actions section there. Click on it and go to the Pending section under it. You may see the above 3 hooks there. If you don’t, there must be a problem with the syncing issue. You can contact our support team to get it resolved.

If these hooks are there but their recurrence time is not set for 5 minutes, re-install the plugin and it will be resolved. If it persists, connect with our support team.

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