How to Create HubSpot Subscription Workflow to Manage Your Contacts?

To create HubSpot Subscription Workflow, you can either do it by using the links in the footer of your marketing emails, or contacts can manage their email preferences. Or, you can also send them a link to manage email preferences.

1. HubSpot Subscription Workflows: How to Add Subscriptions to Individual Contacts?

When GDPR functionality is enabled, add subscriptions manually for an individual contact:

  • Go to Contacts > Contacts and select the name of a contact.
  • Click Add Subscriptions in the left panel of the Communication Subscriptions section.
  • Click the dropdown Communication subscription types, then select a subscription type.
  • Select a legal basis for communicating.
  • Enter the explanation for communication consent. Additionally, you’ll also need to add a lawful basis to process to track and store the contact’s details in your database.
  • Click Save.

2. HubSpot Subscription Workflows: How to Add Subscriptions in Bulk? 

You can also opt-in contacts into a subscription type in bulk. You can also remove an opt-out of all email status that was added manually by a user in your HubSpot account.

  • Go to Contacts > Contacts.
  • Select the checkboxes next to the records to select multiple records.
  • Click the dropdown More, then select Add communication subscription for contact.
  • Add required options based on whether GDPR is enabled or disabled.
  • Click Save.

3. Opt for a Contact Out of a HubSpot Subscription Workflow

If GDPR functionality is disabled in your account, you will be able to send marketing emails to contacts without explicit opt-in from them. HubSpot will track when a contact opts out from your mailing list, but you can also opt a contact out manually or opt out of a list of contacts through an import.


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