How many custom fields does the HubSpot Abandoned Cart add-on creates?

The HubSpot Abandoned Cart Add-on creates10+ custom properties to collect and store information about customers that have abandoned carts. Therefore, there are over 10 custom fields that HubSpot Abandoned Cart add-on creates. This include:

  • Number fields such as Abandoned Cart Counter, Abandoned Cart Subtotal, Abandoned Cart Value, etc.

  • Text inputs to store information of properties such as Abandoned Cart URL, Abandoned Cart Products, Abandoned Cart Product SKUs, and many more.

  • There’s also a Date Picker field that stores the information of the Abandoned Cart Date Property.

To see the fields created for you from your HubSpot account click ⚙️and navigate to Properties under Data Management from the left side column menu. Now you can see all the abandoned cart properties and the respective fields to which they belong.

HubSpot Abandoned Cart Add ons


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