Is it possible to sync the previous entries prior to actually integrating with Zoho using GF Integration with Zoho CRM plugin?

Yes, they can now be synced by employing the Zoho Bulk Sync feature present in our plugin. But the Bulk sync can only be done for adding or updating records, Rest features, for now, are to be updated by Manual Sync or by Instant Sync (form submission). So, in order to perform bulk synchronization of your consumer data, first, traverse towards your Zoho Bulk Sync tab. Then, select one form from the Select Form list given in the form of a dropdown in order to initiate the process.

As soon as you select a form, a new field Select Feed would emerge. Out of that field choose your specified feed options available in the dropdown and hit the Historical Bulk Sync button to process the bulk data synchronization with respect to the specified feed and form.

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