What is HubSpot for WooCommerce plugin and what does it do ?

HubSpot for WooCommerce plugin is an integration that connects your WooCommerce store to HubSpot CRM. By connecting your store to the CRM, it gets easier for you to sync, analyze, automate and manage your store data more efficiently.

Here’s a quick list of functions this HubSpot WooCommerce integration can perform:

1. Sync Store data to HubSpot

connect hubspot account

You can sync your WooCommerce store data like your Contacts, Orders, and Products over HubSpot CRM. These details can later be used in segmentation, email marketing, automation, reporting, and much more.

2. Get a Detailed customer profile view

Users Detail


Synchronizing your data on HubSpot CRM enables you to view all the additional details about a customer in your HubSpot CRM. For example, you can open a contact record to see all the lists, workflows, etc. she’s enrolled in.

3. Effective Contact segmentation

Contact Segmentation

This HubSpot WooCommerce integration comes with 22 different HubSpot lists. These lists can help you segment your contacts into different groups based on their behavioral traits, activities in your store, spending value, and many other aspects.

Here’s the complete list of the lists this integration comes with:

– Customers
– Leads
– Abandoned Cart 
– Best Customers
– Big Spenders
– Loyal Customers
– Churning Customers
– Low-Value Lost Customers
– New Customers
– Customers needing attention
–  About to Sleep
–  Mid Spenders
–  Low Spenders
–  Newsletter Subscriber
–  One-time purchase customers
–  Two-time purchase customers
–  Three-time purchase customers
–  Bought four or more times
–  Marketing Qualified Leads
–  Engaged Customers
–  DisEngaged Customers
–  Repeat Buyers

Grouping your contacts will make it easy for you to plan a more targeting and effective marketing campaign that gets better results.

4. Tracking and recovering abandoned cart

cart settings

Abandoned carts hurt your business the most. But with this HubSpot WooCommerce integration, you can track and recover these abandoned carts fairly easily. By just clicking a checkbox, you can track abandoned carts for both signed-in and guest users.

Tracking these carts will help you craft a perfect abandoned cart recovery email that can bring users back and persuade them to complete their orders. This way, you can stop losing money on the table.

5. Targeted email marketing with automation


This HubSpot WooCommerce integration packs 15 different workflows that you can use to automate your daily repetitive tasks.

Here’s the complete list of workflows you get in this integration:

– WooCommerce: MQL to Customer lifecycle stage Conversion-
– WooCommerce: Welcome New Customer & Get the 2nd Order
– WooCommerce: 2nd Order Thank You & Get the 3rd Order
– WooCommerce: 3rd Order Thank You
– WooCommerce: ROI Calculation
– WooCommerce: After order Workflow
– WooCommerce: Order Workflow
– WooCommerce: Abandoned Cart Recovery
– WooCommerce: set Order Recency 1 Ratings
– WooCommerce: set Order Recency 2 Ratings
– WooCommerce: set Order Recency 3 Ratings
– WooCommerce: set Order Recency 4 Ratings
– WooCommerce: set Order Recency 5 Ratings
– WooCommerce: Update Historical Order Recency Rating
– WooCommerce: Enroll Customers for Recency Settings

You can create these workflows into your HubSpot CRM directly with one click and use them to set your email marketing on auto-pilot.

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